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Water Department

June 10, 2022

The Calais Water Department is providing our customers with this update regarding the water quality.  Over the past few months, we have made several operational changes to reduce the levels of total trihalomethanes in the water.  The most recent round of testing conducted this spring revealed these efforts have been successful with a reduction of about 40% in the total trihalomethanes levels.  As a result, the Water Department is again meeting all drinking water standards.  We will continue to work every day to ensure the Calais Water Department customers are always provided with safe and reliable service.


The City of Calais Water Department welcomes you and hopes your visit is pleasant and informative. Our priority here at the Water Department is to filter any and all impurities in the water we pump to your home. Iron and Manganese are natural in these two wells. The first well is very high in Iron sediment and the second well beyond the railroad is high in manganese. Both these elements must be eliminated from the drinking water therefore we have to filter them out.


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