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The City of Calais is a registration agent for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife. As such Maine residents as well as nonresidents are able to register their Boats, Snowmobiles and ATV’s and buy hunting & fishing licenses at the Calais City Building during normal business hours. For new registrations, please bring your bill of sale. Though not necessary, the renewal process can often be made faster by bringing your current registration with you. Boats differ slightly from snowmobiles and ATV’s in that excise tax must be paid to your municipality of residence as the first step in the registration process. Snowmobiles and ATV’s do not require the payment of excise tax and therefore it is not necessary to perform these registrations in your municipality of residence. They can be done through any Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife agent.

For even greater convenience, many registration renewals can be completed online for residents and nonresidents alike.

Register My Boat Online

Register My ATV or Snowmobile Online

Buy a Hunting or Fishing License Online

For more detailed information, including current fees, please visit the website for the Maine Dept of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife.